This blog, which was created for an independent research project, is currently inactive. The project focused primarily on the experimental theatre projects created by the Abe Kôbô Studio between 1973-79. Abe Kôbô was directly involved in Japan’s contemporary theatre scene throughout the 50s, 60s, and 70s, however he has been considered primarily as a novelist, and it is his novels (and their film adaptations) which have garnered the most scholarly attention. Nevertheless, even his novels reveal a continued preoccupation with the creative possibilities opened up by theatrical performance. Therefore, the project aimed to address the ‘theatricality’ of Abe’s writing, as well as the ‘writerliness’ of his theatre, and to explore the relationships between theatricality and literality through a ‘reading’ (viewing, feeling, hearing) of Abe’s plays as well as his critical writings on dramaturgy. The project was approved by the University of Toronto’s Centre for Comparative Literature and supervised by Professor Antje Budde (cross-appointed to the University College Drama Program and the Centre for Comparative Literature).